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How do I register for an OEC Refresher ?

How do I update my registration/tickets with Ski Patrol??

NEWS - 07/2014

We are going Hybrid

The on-line Course.
Here are the steps to accessing the program.
1. Select the instructor refresher you plan to attend. Dennis ZERCHER is the IOR for each instructor course.

2 Go to the NSP website nsp.org
Click on members services and log in.

3. Click on the NSP store/ catalogue photo and log in. (If you have not visited the store you need to create an account with a password)

4. Click on ONLINE EDUCATION which appears on the left side of screen.

5. A list of ALL on-line courses will appear listed alphabetically by IOR last name. Scroll to find your refresher course.
Shortcut: Go to sort by: and sort by alpha Z-A. ZERCHER will appear.
Make sure you select the correct course number. Your data will be on your record and forwarded to the IOR of the refresher.

Add to cart and check out. An order confirmation will appear. You might want to copy this for your records.

7. Click download or continue and the on-line course will open.

8. Launch program.
On-line Course specifics
There are eleven modules to complete. So far the average time is 1.5-2.0 hours.
You must score 100% in the assessment to complete each module.
When all modules are completed you will be able to print your certificate of completion.
Some portables(Ipads, etc.) users are having sound/display problems so I recommend laptop or desktop for best results.
Returning to program
You may complete any and all modules at any time. Make sure you log out.
To return log back in to the nsp website, and go to member resources and at the top you will see your online course header. Launch and re-enter the module you need to complete.

As in the past, YOU MUST REGISTER FOR AN EPA REFRESHER on the epa website

bullet I lost my OEC 2013 Cycle C Refresher Guide, How do I obtain a replacement copy? (Look Below for download link)
bullet I am an IOR, Where do I find the course completion form? [ PDF ] [WORD ]
bullet How do I set up a "Make-Up" Refresher?  = (Contack Dennis Zercher)
bullet How do I register for an OEC Refresher ?
bullet Who is the EPA Region OEC Advisor (ROA) ?
bullet What documents should I carry on my person while patrolling ?

bulletOEC Refresher Registration

                            We are doing "PRE-Registration" For all OEC Refreshers.
                            Please go to the Calendar Page to Select a refresher you are attending. Click Here...


bullet OEC Refresher








Who is the EPA Region OEC Advisor (ROA) ? = Dennis Zercher

If you have an OEC-related question, contact Dennis Zercher, Region OEC Administrator (ROA) at:

Dennis Zercher
320 Robson Road
Dillsburg, PA 17019





For information on becoming QRS Certified, please click on button below.


All OEC Refreshers require registration.

If you are from out of the region, the fee is $8.00 payable at the refresher.

Registering for an NSP Eastern PA Region program is easy, go to the calendar page and click on the event to register.

Select which courses you wish to attend. See the Schedule of Events to choose.

Level 1 Avalanche
Mountain Travel and Rescue
OEC Phase II
EPA Patroller School
Ski with an Instructor

Instructor Development
Patroller Enrichment Seminar


Senior OEC
Senior S&T
Senior EMM



How do I update my registration/tickets with Ski Patrol??

How do I update my registration/tickets with Ski Patrol??

  1. Go to www.eventbright.com
  2. Log into your account (User Name = your mail address)
  3. Look in the upper right hand corner and click on your name.
  4. When the drop down menu appears, click on "My Tickets"
  5. A list of YOUR tickets appear on the next page.
  6. Click on the "View Order" link you wish to modify or cancel
  7. A new window appears.
  8. You can now click on, "Print Tickets" , "Cancel Order", or "Edit"
  9. Edit allows you to update your information such as spelling corrections, etc...

Hope this helps!

If you have any additional questions, please email me at mist@nspepa.org

Thanks !


Articles of Interest

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OEC Skills Are Perishable – What Can You Do About It?

 Unless you actively teach Outdoor Emergency Care or are a medical provider, such as an EMT or physician, your skills will diminish simply from the fact that you do not actively using them for seven or eight months out of the year.  While the fall OEC refreshers are helpful in restoring skills and our confidence in applying them to real injured or ill patients, is attendance at a one day-refresher enough?  Will you be confident that you can meet your ski area’s standard of care one the day the area opens and every day thereafter?  It’s too late when you get to an accident scene and you draw a blank or make a mistake that further injures that snow rider.  And refreshers only cover one-third of the manual so it takes a three-year cycle to get through it. I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember what to do about an abdominal evisceration two years after we see it in a fall refresher.  Part of it is just getting our minds back in gear. 

One obvious way to do that is to review the 4th edition OEC Manual – but that is a daunting task.  Another resource is OECzone.com.  It’s a quick way to refresh and it’s interactive so you don’t need to wade through pages of a manual.  You can find videos of skills and Interactive simulations at Interactivities.  Another useful section is the Online Chapter Pretests.  These are quick and easy to take and you get feedback immediately after completing the quiz.  The OECzone site has some other useful practice items such as Flashcards.  Look it over – while it doesn’t replace hands-on experience is does get the “OEC juices” flowing again after a long summer off.


OEC Refresher Information:

The fall refreshers are coming and the schedule is in the EPA calendar.  National indicates that On Scene will be out in the first two weeks in July so watch for it in your mailbox.  The format for refreshers this year will be pretty much the same as last year’s, with an emphasis on skill-paced, self-paced progression through the stations. Come prepared!

Remember that you must bring your properly stocked pack and your current OEC card & CPR Card & Completed Study Guide. The current study guide can be downloaded from the NSP WEB SITE.  Find that card now and set it aside for the refresher.  If you can’t, or it’s not current, get a replacement from NSP HQ well before the refresher.  Watch this site for updates as we get closer to the refreshers.  If you go out of region, ensure you have the refresher IOR sign your OEC card and the Supplemental Roster Information form (located in On Scene) and give the completed form to your patrol director.

OEC Tips:  Airway management in children 

Children’s airways are relatively smaller than those of adults and their tongues are relatively larger.  That means children’s airways are more easily blocked.  Their necks are more flexible than those of adults, so the rescuer must be careful not to hyperextend the child’s neck when trying to open the airway.



2011 - Cycle C Study Guide - PDF - Click Here...


2011 - You are the rescuer - PDF - Click Here..


Past Articles of Interest

2006-12-02 - OEC Article by Ed Hirshman - [PDF ]


2006-06-29 - OEC Article by Bruce Holmberg



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