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Welcome to the EPA OEC Instructor page.  We’ll use this page to post topics of current interest to OEC instructors.

2006-11-28 - Outdoor Emergency Care Course Evaluation and Challenge Criteria [ PDF ]

2006 Fall Refreshers:  Dennis Zercher (at Roundtop on Sep 10) and Flo Rutherford (at Camelback on Sep 16) are the instructors of Record (IOR) at the two OEC Instructor Refreshers and are working on streamlining the refresher procedures.  ITs assigned to stations have submitted station plans (add link to the pdf doc also attached).  Please review them for your refreshers.

As you all know from last year, the new OEC Refresher format is instructor-intensive.  We need each of you to instruct at a minimum of two OEC refreshers.  Candidate instructors should attend one of the instructor refreshers and then sign up to teach at a minimum of two OEC refreshers.  Try to teach with your mentor.

“Now for the tough question:  What do I do if a patroller cannot do a skill at my station?”  Please DO NOT turn your station or substation into a teaching/remedial station.  If a patroller cannot do a skill, pull his or her team out and have the team observe another team.  If, after that, the patroller still cannot do the skill, refer the team to a remedial station (page 3 of the Instructor Guide has an excellent article on remediation tips).

Makeup RefreshersThere have been some questions about makeup OEC refreshers -- that is a "gap" refresher for an individual patroller who, for some reason, has missed a previous OEC refresher (e.g., Cycle A - 2005).  A makeup refresher need not be registered with NSP but the IOR must send in a course completion record (CCR) to NSP so they can credit the person.

Any current OEC instructor may conduct the makeup as IOR and an IT must be present for the entire makeup refresher.  It must cover the entire refresher program per the appropriate refresher guide (we can get you past refresher guides).  The makeup refresher may make sense for a patroller who has missed only one refresher.  A gap refresher for more than one year is problematic.  An alternative is to register the patrollers as a challenge within your OEC course and have them take the written and practical OEC evaluations provided for each OEC course by NSP.  They do not have to complete the workbook but they must pay the $30 NSP course fee.

For the EPA Region, if you conduct a gap refresher, please notify me with the names of the patrollers participating, the IOR, and the IT.

Having said that, it is best to encourage those who go inactive but plan to come back to patrolling or Alumni who want to teach to attend a scheduled refresher -- that avoids the issue altogether.  Also, encourage your patrollers to plan ahead -- it's too late in Dec when a patroller says: "Gosh, I didn't get to a refresher this fall."  We do not want to create a situation where patrollers think they can miss a scheduled refresher and then we'll accommodate them with a gap refresher.

Instructor Certifications Once you have become an OEC instructor, you must be recertified, to include:

  • A formal evaluation every three years by your IT
  • An annual instructor summary form by your IT

Activity Reports:  Annual activity reports are due to your IT by October 1.  An easy way to do these is to record your teaching sessions on the Instructor Activity Log in your own member section at NSP’s web site.  You can then easily create a report for the period required and email it to your IT.

Instructor Activity Form [ PDF ]
Instructor Application Form

[ PDF ]

Instructor Candidate Profile [ PDF ]
Instructor Mentoring Form [ PDF ]
Instructor Summary Form [ WORD ]

Teaching Tips OEC is a hands-on and teaching should reflect that – lectures are not appropriate for very many OEC subjects.  A most effective teaching method is to break down the activity, demonstrate the pieces, and follow each demo with guided practice.  Then put it all together into a complete scenario.  One of the best examples of this is this year’s AHA video for the new CPR procedures.  Components of CPR are demonstrated, you practice each component under the watchful eye of an instructor and then you put it all together, again with an instructor there to help ensure you get it right.

HELP WANTED:  Patroller family members, candidates, and alumni to help out as patients at your local OEC refresher

Information Posted On: 09/11/2006


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