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The Following information will help you to clear up a few matters regarding Continuing Education Units (CEU's), for your OEC and EMS Certifications. Our office (MIST) has been receiving questions about this subject, and I hope to answer these questions for you in the information provided below.
You may already know some facts about the following information, but I would like to review it with you just to make sure you understand what your annual responsibilities are.
Most of your annual re-certification process is automatically handled by your Region and/or Patrol Director, however, it is "YOUR Responsibility" to check your records to make sure you have received the Con-Ed credits to your profile.
OK, the following information is a bit long, so hang in there, get a cup of coffee and follow along with me.... I will show you what to do in a step by step discussion format.
So with coffee in hand.... here we go !
First lets start by discussing OEC Requirements.
As an OEC Technician, you are required to attend a OEC Refresher Cycle once a year in order to re-certify your OEC Certification. Upon completion of three cycles (A,B,C), you are issued a new OEC Certification Card by NSP.
OEC Refreshers may be taken anywhere, but it is up to you to make sure you receive credit for attending the refresher. Most of us attend a local refresher, or a regional refresher, and the certification process is completed by the IOR (Instructor of Record) without further paperwork requirements on your part.
When attending the refresher out of area, NSP provides a special sign-off in the back of your OEC Refresher Guide. It is up to you to get the IOR to sign this as your receipt for attending that refresher along with the IOR's signature on the back of your OEC Card.

 This sign-off is then given to your patrol director as proof of your attendance of that refresher. Your refresher records are sent to the National Office by the IOR and the national office posts the Refresher Cycle to your profile.

So how can you check to make sure your records are properly recorded with the national office?
You can do this simply by checking your NSP Profile and your OEC Status. This can be done by visiting the National Ski Patrol WEB Site at nsp.org logging into your member profile. This is where you can update your address, phone number, and most important your email address.
To do this:
  • Click on www.nsp.org 
  • Click on Member Services
  • Enter your 6 digit NSP Member Number
  • Enter your password
  • If this is your first time, click on "Trouble Logging on ?" and it will take you to another screen to set up a password
  • Next click on "Member Resources"
  • Next Move your cursor over "Educational Info" and click on "Your Education Information"
  • Next you will see "Course Information" and below that, your OEC Certification Date, followed by the Refresher dates for the A, B, C Refreshers attended.
  • You should have an entry in the Current Cycle showing the Current Year.
  • If you received a new OEC Card, then your A,B,C will be blank because you completed all 3 cycles and your certification has been renewed.
  • If you did NOT receive a new OEC Card and the current Cycle is blank, and you attended a current OEC Refresher, please notify your patrol director so that this refresher cycle can be updated to your account.
  • Please note, it can take two or more weeks for CEU's to be posted from completion date. Please allow this time before contacting your PD. 
  • If your patrol director needs help with this have "HIM/HER" contact our office for assistance.
Remember this is your responsibility to make sure your records are properly updated.
Next we come to your EMS Con-Ed Certification.
Since I do not know your EMS Status,
I will cover both EMR & EMT.
This section is only if you have the following certifications:
  • EMR - Emergency Medical Responder
  • EMT - Emergency Medical Technician
  • EMT-P - Paramedic
  • PHRN - Nurse - Pre-Hospital Certified 
  • PHMD - Medical Doctor - Pre-Hospital - Medical Command Certified
Note: Without the above certifications you are not provided with protection through PA-DOH ACT 37. Additional information can be found on our web site about the certification process.
Most of the questions our office receives pertains to EMR - First Responders, I will address this subject in detail.
IF you applied for EMR, your application was processed by this office and submitted to PA-DOH (PA-Department of Health) for you. This certification was approved by the PA-DOH based on your current OEC certification. This certification is between you and the PA-DOH and is your responsibility to maintain CEU's (Continuing Education Units) in order to keep this certification current, along with a current CPR-Pro Certification, or it will expire.
As a EMR, attending one OEC Refresher Cycle per year, will meet the Con-Ed requirements for the EMR Certification.

Attending three (3) OEC Cycles will provide you with 24 CEU's, as EMR, you only need 16 CEU's and a current CPR-PRO card to renew your certification.

*** This is "ONLY" true if the OEC Refresher course you are attending is registered with the DOH. If the refresher was not registered with the PA-DOH, you will need to make a copy of your OEC card and present it to your regional EMS office for CEU credit by endorsement. Currently we are approved for 8.0 hours of CEU credits per OEC Refresher Cycle.
If you are a EMT or higher certification, you may be required to attend additional CEU classes depending upon the certification held.
Attending three (3) OEC Cycles will provide you with 24.0 hrs CEU's
Note, Some older classes only awarded 7.5 hrs of CEU's.

How do I know which EMS Region I am assigned to?

You can find this information under your profile located on your DOH Profile website.
You can also look up by your county of residence by clicking HERE...


How do I check my records with DOH ?
  • Click Here - https://ems.health.state.pa.us/emsportal 
  • Enter User Name
  • Enter Password
  • Click Log-In
  • Click "Edit Profile Information" to check and update your personal information.
  • Click Save to Update and Exit to Main Menu
  • NEXT
  • Click "Continuing Education Record"
  • Check your address and email record (Update if Necessary)
  • Check CPR Information - If Blank, see below
  • Check Certifications
  • Check Continuing Education Record
  • Click "Print Status Report" - This report will show all your Con-Ed Courses attended. If you are missing information, it is your responsibility to have your records updated. Our office can help you with this process if necessary.
  • After viewing, click "Application List" to return to main menu or click "Log Out" at bottom of the page to Exit.


  •  Why are my CEU Credits missing ?
    • One reason is incorrect data. When we upload your data and your date of birth is incorrect it will bounce. DOH uses the DOB as a data check during the upload process.
    • Another reason is your name may have changed but your DOH profile has not been updated.
    • Another reason is that you attended a refresher that was NOT registered with the PA-DOH. In this case you need to submit your refresher certifications to your local EMS Regional office. Your Regional EMS Office will manually enter your Con-Ed by endorsement after you have supplied them with proof of attendance.
    •  Our office is here to assist you with this, but we cannot "DO IT" for you
Remember this is your responsibility to make sure your records are properly updated.
There is a lot of discussion about the CPR cards, Certification, and Re-certification.  
  • Your are required to have CPR-PRO with AED CPR Certification.
  • What State Recognized CPR Program is valid ?  Click Here...
  • When your CPR Card is issued, it is valid for two years.
  • The National Office (NSP) requires you to "REFRESH" your CPR skills annually.
  • Some patrols handle this process by re-certifying CPR annually, while other patrols re-certify one year, followed by a CPR refresher the second year. This certification process is totally up to your local patrol policy.
  • No matter how your patrol handles the CPR Certification process, you are required to have a current CPR Card in your possession along with your other medical provider certification.
  • The PA-DOH requests you to submit your new CPR Card within 30 days of issue. NOTE: as of 2013, it is not required for you to submit your CPR-PRO card to your Regional EMS Office in order for you to receive a renewal of your EMS Certification. However, it is a requirement that you carry your EMS & CPR Cards with you at all times while on duty. EMS is now spot checking members on duty for current cards, if the Region EMS Office does not have you current CPR card on file, you will be requested to go out of service and provide proof of certification within 24 hours. So it would be prudent to send in a copy of your new card when you receive it.
  • You will need to copy front and back of your "CURRENT" CPR Card and submit it to your local Regional EMS Office every time a new card is issued. We recommend you make a copy of your EMS card on the same page to assure your CPR certification is updated to the correct account.
  • How do I know which EMS Region I am assigned to?
    You can find this information under your profile located on your DOH Profile website. You can also look up by your county of residence by clicking HERE...
  • Your Certification is checked annually by one of our team members during the OEC Refresher Check-In process. Many of patrollers were not able to present this document during the refresher, or the card was expired.  This information is reported to your Patrol Director.
  • It is your responsibility to obtain this document and keep it current.
  • It is your responsibility to have this document submitted to your local EMS Regional Office in order to have a valid EMS Certification.
  • It is your responsibility to have this document in order to have a valid OEC Technician Certification.
  • Our office can assist you with this process, but we cannot "DO IT" for you.
Remember this is your responsibility to make sure your records are properly updated.
I hope this answers the questions most of you have.  Should you have additional questions, we would prefer you to email us with your questions. Please include the following information within your email:
  • First & Last Name
  • NSP Number
  • EMS Number and certification level ( FR, EMT, EMT-P, Etc)
  • Daytime phone number
  • Your question(s)
We will promptly assist you 
Member Information & Service Team
1-800-979-9916 - Office
1-800-993-9687 - Fax
01/01/2014 - As of the first of this year, National Registry has been tasked with the job of certifying and re-registration of EMS members within the state of PA.


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