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Avalanche Program


Avalanche Mountaineering Nordic Refresher
Valley Forge Park, PA

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The potential for snow avalanches exists wherever snow lies upon steep slopes. Avalanche safety is not only a winter issue, and it's not only an issue in " big mountain" areas. Avalanche problems are widespread in geography and degree of hazard. To meet the varying challenges represented by this avalanche danger, the NSP has established several avalanche training courses. The NSP's avalanche courses fulfill all of the requirements of the Level I and Level II curricula adopted by the American Avalanche Association with one exception; the NSP courses include topics related to organized rescue. Please note that actual avalanche control work and rescue operations are under the direction and control of ski area management or other authorized agencies.


Introduction to Avalanche Safety and Rescue

This course introduces fundamental principles of avalanche hazard, safety and rescue. It is designed for interested ski patrollers, members of mountain search and rescue groups, and others who operate/recreate in areas that lack appreciable avalanche terrain. It qualifies as an NSP senior patroller elective, but it does not meet Level 1 avalanche course standards and does not qualify as a prerequisite for enrollment in Level 2 avalanche courses.

The organized rescue portion of this course may be suitable for presentation to non-patrol resort personnel who may become involved in a support capacity in avalanche rescue scenarios. It is also suitable for personnel of agencies who may have jurisdictional involvement in an avalanche rescue, but who would not physically work in the field. Optional field exercises are available.

Prerequisite: None

Time commitment: Minimum of eight hours classroom instruction

Fees: Determined locally

Credentials: NSP Certificate of Achievement

Continuing Education/Refresher Requirement: None

Instructor of record: NSP-certified Level 1 or Level 2 Avalanche Instructor

Required texts: None

Optional references: 

Snowstruck: In the Grip of Avalanches, by Jill Fredston



Course Fee: $35.00

Rich Hartman - IOR



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