Urgent needs list after devastating fire


I have updated information on what I sent out last night concern the
contact person from Cockaigne about possible donations.  The contact
person for organizing donations is Meg  Walsh-Terranova 716 836 0717.
The person I mentioned in last nights e-mail was Karen Gollnitz who is
their medical supply person and I discovered Nat'l had the wrong number
for her.  Karen's number is 716 672 7471.  Best to contact Meg about how
you may be helpful.

Don Weaver
Region Director WNY Region

ps  You can add to their lists of needs 'blankets'  




To: WNY Region Staff and Officers, Eastern Division Board Members and
other interested people.

This is the message that I received from Robert "Bert" Kleinfelder (the
new Patrol Director at Cockaigne Ski Area).  Cockaigne Ski Area, located
in cherry Creek NY experienced a devastating fire which destroyed their
Lodge which also housed their patrol facilities.  Bert outlines their
loss in his e-mail to me seen below.  Amazingly they are making every
effort  to reopen this Saturday.  To do so they need to have help in
replenishing a number of items (beg, borrow or no, no, not steal).  Their
most pressing need in listed just below the opening paragraph.  If any
individual or patrol can help please make a contact.  To make sure
assistance is appropriate and not duplicated I would suggest going
through their medical supply officer Karen Gollnitz, 716 672 7471 or
e-mail her at  

Bert can be contacted by calling 716 673 6973 or using his e-mail   See the list of needs below.

Don Weaver
WNY Region Director

Hello Don!

First I want to thank you for being so willing to help us out. It's
greatly appreciated in this time of need. It's heartwarming to know that
our fellow patrollers have our backs. For the most part, nearly
everything that was in the patrol room was lost. We were able to salvage
a few pieces of medical equipment from the fire, and everything that was
in toboggans up on the hill is obviously fine. Unfortunately, however,
every single piece of ski and board equipment was destroyed, as well as
most of our medical supplies and equipment. Luckily, home owners
insurance should cover the loss of the ski equipment. What we need for
the patrol falls into two categories; gear, and medical
equipment/supplies. I'll begin the list with the hardest to find, and
most essential to getting us back on our feet.

We need chair evacuation equipment! We would prefer the old "Hall"
stand-up stirrup type because that is what our patrol is familiar and
trained with, but we will take what we can get and re-train everyone in a
hurry if we need to. We need the entire system from throw bags or
launchers to taglines, ropes and line savers. We think we can get by with
3 sets.

We need radios. We were using the civilian type Motorola Talk About
250's, but we are still unsure if they work so in the mean time, we are
without communication.

Old or spare patrol Parkas and packs or vests. Most of us had our parkas
and packs at home, but a few patrollers lost theirs in the fire. I can
get more specific about sizes if there are any available.

Medical supplies:

3 Non-rebreathers, adult and pediatric

1 Adult AMBU bag, 1 Pediatric AMBU bag

1 set each of Nasal and Oral Airways

3 boxes of 4x4’s

2 boxes of 5x9’s

Universal Trauma Dressings

2 boxes of band-aids, various sizes

Medical tape, 1” and 2”

Assorted roller gauze
2 each pediatric and adult C-collars

1 sterile burn sheet

Cravats or fabric, lots and lots

Plastic wrap

Bio Hazard bags

Face shields

Blood Pressure Cuff


Bandage Scissors

2 Oxygen Regulators

2 Suction Devices

Plastic Baggies for ice packs

1 box each of exam gloves, all sizes

1 bottle of peroxide

1 bottle of Advil

1 bottle of Benadryl

Cardboard splints for “packaging” patients for transport

Any equipment loaned or donated would be greatly appreciated. We will
catalog very carefully everything that we receive so that we can get it
back to you at the end of the season.

Please everyone feel free to contact me on my cell phone, or via Email.

We can pick up any items or supplies, or they can be mailed to the
Cockaigne Medical supply officer.

C.O. Karen Gollnitz
253 Berry Rd
Fredonia NY

Thank you all so much for being willing to help us out, it means so much
to us! If you get a chance, come out and ski with us!
Bert Kleinfelder
Director, Cockaigne Ski Patrol



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