09-29-2006 - Video Production Help Needed


  Our Eastern Division Director Rick Hamlin looks for some good people to help on this project.

Should you know somebody, please get back to me.

Thanks !

Gerit J. Lewisch
Region Director

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From: Rick Hamlin

Greetings folks !

There has been some discussion that it would be helpful for us to have a brief video presentation in the 20-30 minute range about the history of the National Ski Patrol that could be presented at OEC courses to help new Patrollers to understand our history and traditions.

It could be used as a recruiting tool at ski shows too.

Content we have a plenty, but what is needed is someone with video production experience to help script it and produce it.

Do you have anyone in your region that might fit this description who would be willing to work on this project?





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