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Updated 11-25-2009

The new By-Laws are now available to read on line by clicking the button below

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Updated - 10-12-2009


The link below will open a new window to view the new up-dated by-laws.

A proposed by-law amendment has been posted for information and review on the EPA website.

Purpose of by-law amendment:

To establish a new elected Region Delegate At Large position, in order to implement a fifth Region Delegate voting position that was approved for EPA by the Eastern Division Board Of Directors at its meeting on May 1, 2, 3, 2009.

Schedule for processing

The draft amendment will be presented for approval at the Eastern Pennsylvania Region Officers business meeting scheduled for November 15, 2009 at Bear Creek.

Voting Process

Approval action will involve a voting process by the voting officers of the region.  The current By-Laws designate the voting officers as the Region Director, Alternate Region Director, the four Section Chiefs/Region Delegates, and the NSP Patrol Representatives/Patrol Directors of each registered patrol within the region.


Please confer directly with your Patrol Director for your input on voting.

Please attend

All voting officers are urged to become familiar with the By-Law Amendment and attend the November 15th meeting.  A voting officer that cannot attend the meeting may designate another active patroller as his/her proxy for the voting process. This designation must be in writing, signed by the voting officer, and presented to the Region Secretary prior to the vote.

Gerit J. Lewisch

Gerit J. Lewisch
Region Director  

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