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About this video
"NSP 75th Anniversary presentation of Memorial Bench to be dedicated in Stowe, Vt. in front of the Vermont Ski & Snowboard Museum on October 20, 2012. Tells the story of the rock being used for the bench, and the making of the bench by sculptor Chris Curtis and the time capsule to be installed in the bench."

Ski Patrol Sites

Western PA Appalachian Region


PA Ski Patrol

EMS Education Sponsor for PA Ski Patrolers

Thanks to Ed Hirshman for referring this site. Check out the old photographs on when skiing was!

National Ski Patrol Instructor Web
National Ski Patrol Instructor Web provides information, ideas, instructional strategies, and teaching tips for all NSP instructors. Its content has been submitted by instructors from all NSP disciplines. This site is a must see for all instructors!

National Ski Patrol
Contains lots of useful information for patrollers. Be sure to check out the Member Forum, several members of the region are active participants in this forum.

NSP Eastern Division
This site is Up and Running.  Check it out.

NSP New Jersey
This is the site for the New Jersey Region-links, contact information, and more! Bookmark this one.

TONS of great links covering just about every phase of patrolling. You'll especially want to check out the ASK DOC! Archives.

The Patrol Pages

Jim Blauch has created an excellent website with links to several patroller related sites. Jim has also started a "Instructor's Resource" page, where OEC instructors are encouraged to share information with other instructors across the nation.

CSPSCanadian Ski Patrol SystemCSPS
The official home site of our fellow patrollers in the Great White North. A very nice site with interesting information about the CSPS.

This site is maintained on a voluntary basis by David Schutz, and is not necessarily endorsed by the EPA Region. However, this site is an excellent resource for those patrollers that like to shred. It has excellent links to S&T (snowboard & toboggan) techniques, snowboarding injury statistics, the history of patrolling on snowboards, and much more.

SkiCentral - Ski Patrol
SkiCentral - Ski Patrol Sites

SkiCentral claims to have the largest searchable database of skiing websites, and it seems like they're right. This link takes you directly to their "ski patrol" sites.

Region Ski Areas
Pennsylvania Ski Area Association


Emergency Medical Services

Eastern PA EMS Council
Counties of responsibility:
Berks, Carbon, Lehigh, Monroe, Northampton, Schuylkill

EMS Council for South Central PA
Contains Con-Ed course information, photographs, and other useful information to EMS provides in the South Center PA EMS Region.

PA Emergency Health Services Council
The official site of the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council (PEHSC) which promotes the coordinated development and evaluation of Emergency Medical Services in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Wilderness EMS Institute
The Wilderness Emergency Medical Services Institute is a project of The Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania and The Appalachian Search and Rescue Conference. WEMSI provides medical care to patients in the specialized prehospital situations of wilderness, backcountry, and other delayed and prolonged transportation contexts such as catastrophic disasters (referred to jointly as "the wilderness context").

EMS Magazine Online
Offered mostly as a way to sell subscriptions, they do publish informative articles online. The article "Eggs and Brains" is very well written, and has excellent information about head injuries.

Other Sites of Interest



Medical Emergency Data Systems
They are the provider for the Medical Information Carrier-Helmet System.

Pennsylvania Special Olympics

Ski Area Management (SAM)


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News and info for skiers in the Washington, D.C. region and beyond.

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Skinet.com is being dissolved into two websites:
www.skimag.com and


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